Black Empowerment at Work

Whether it’s police violence, workplace discrimination, or racial slurs, black people seem to hear about injustice every day in the press. There always seems to be a sad story about someone being killed because they’re poor. Living in America today is hurtful and plagued by the perception that you may suffer because of your skin color. 

Several things people may do to eliminate this inequality is to run for office, petition, and vote, among others. However, there’s another effective way to do it. It has been discovered that black people are one of the world’s largest consumer markets, as they spend $1 trillion annually. That’s massive. They spend so much money, yet they are viewed by so many as less than ideal. 

Black people’s wealth has always made other people wealthy. That’s power. The blacks have more money, and their dollars are their biggest tools. If this enormous spending power is used, black people can change the world’s climate. They must use those dollars to sustain themselves financially. There are tons and tons of black businesses that can be supported by those dollars. 

What Black People Should Do  

The blacks need to stop making other people wealthy when the police kill little black kids in the park. It’s essential that they someone wealthier in a city that lifts them up. The more cash they have in society, the more they can do. It’s time that they support black-owned farms, fitness centers, hotels, clothing lines, auto repair shops, and banks, among others. If it is run by a black person, support it, whatever business it is. 

Buying from black businesses can go a long way. It’s not just important to buy from these businesses but to tell other people about them. Praise them. Show people that they can move to a new location for blue jeans or smoothies. Blacks must empower each other, and it was always best done through word of mouth. 

Why Put Money in the Community? 

So many businesses have racist practices among black people. These people who don’t respect the blacks as a group will lose profits and feel the difference. Soon, they will assert and remind themselves they need support in fighting injustice.  

Doing so will also bring more money to the black community. Black people will have more resources, they can develop their economies, grow their businesses, and more can reach America’s middle and upper class. This will the race stronger than ever. Economic justice plays a key role in the battle to show people that Black Lives Matter. 

Changing Black History  

Since the blacks have been captured, captivated, and forced into slavery for the first time, the whole race continues to face the sad injustices. People are constantly fighting against injustice. Black people are encouraged to become public officials, get educated, spread the word, and become politically motivated. All these things will help people achieve what we’ve always wanted — justice and freedom. There are more things that you can do to empower the black race. For more insights, listen to the Through Black Eyes: Unfiltered podcast. 

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