The Dangers of Snake Removal and Control 

The species and behavior of snakes are complicated and difficult to discuss in a short article. However we will try to impart you some information about the dangers of snake removal and control. Snakes are classified as pests because of our fear of them. The common complaints that a snake removal company receives are the following: snakes living under the deck or home, snakes in the yard, snakes in the swimming pool, concern for pet’s safety and snake inside the house!  

 Snake Removal

The Biology of Snakes 

There are a lot of snake species in the wildlife. But the common feature among them is that they don’t have eyelids, which are probably why their other senses are heightened. They use their tongues by smelling, flicking their forked tongues tasting the air. They are strictly carnivores and they also hunt for their preys whenever they can. They hibernate in cool areas. They swallow their food whole because they can’t chew.  

The Behavior of Snakes 

We are afraid of snakes because of their appearance and hissing sound. However, they are not all dangerous because most snakes are non-venomous. They are aggressive once they sense an aggressive behavior from you. If you see a snake on the way, they will leave you alone once you slowly walk away. The reason why a lot of people are bitten by snakes is because they attack first, thinking that the snakes will attack them.  

Snakes live in different habitats that are why there are aquatic snakes and also climber snakes. They kill their prey by waiting patiently until the prey is within reach. Most of the time, they kill the prey through their venom, some strike their prey and others also use constriction. Then they eat the prey whole.  

People’s Concern 

There are a lot of people who has fear of snake or Ophidiophobia which is common nowadays, that’s probably why we became scared of them and try to kill them because of the fear of being attacked first. Even for those people who don’t have phobia, snakes are unsettling. It becomes a concern for the people. Not everyone knows whether a snake is venomous or not, that’s why we are cautious around them, we don’t know what to do. Snakes usually get into the porches, pools, and even in our homes.  

Getting Rid of Snakes 

Our initial reaction when we see a snake in our property is that we want to get rid of them immediately. A wise choice is calling a wildlife removal company instead of trying to get rid of them on your own. You don’t know how snakes behave, and professionals do. Do not try to catch it because it’s when the biting occurs. The snake will bite you as a defense mechanism once it sees you getting violent and aggressive.  

If you decide to use a snake trap, make sure you know how to use one! But you can prevent this by eliminating the features of your house that attracts them. For example, gaps under the concrete where they can fit and excess debris.  

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